Hair Replacement

Here at the Hair Replacement Specialists we offer two main types of restoration techniques. One is the master parting system and the second is the Volumizer system. Both systems are applied and secured in place using your own hair, however thin.

For clients who suffer from Alopecia Totalis and Clients who have lost hair due to Chemotherapy or medical treatments, or a severe loss of hair around the front hairline, we also offer lace front wigs, which give a natural hairline appearance.

The parting system is ideal for those suffering from hair loss or thinning hair at the top area of the scalp. The master parting system would allow the wearer to have the freedom of their own hair throughout the rest of the head, whilst securely and comfortably wearing the fixed parting.

The parting piece is totally breathable to allow air flow to reach your scalp underneath the piece. This also allows for your scalp to be easily dried after washing.

The benefit of the parting is that it is removed during a maintenance appointment, at which point the hair is washed and treated seperately whilst your own hair and scalp are washed and gently massaged to help stimulate the hair follicles before the piece is re-fitted. A maintenance service should be carried out every 6 weeks and we charge only a small fee for this service, to help maintain the life of your hair replacement system.

The Volumizer system is ideal for clients suffering from hair loss and thinning hair throughout the whole of the scalp area. The Volumizer system is made exactly to the clients head size and shape using a soft and gentle mesh type material, which is then shaped and secured to fit the wearer exactly. Once the mesh base has been created, we then add hair to the mesh base giving the appearance of natural hair.

The Volumizer system is totally breathable allowing air flow to the scalp and allowing you to dry the scalp easily after washing.

This type of system would be fixed for 6 months and the maintenance procedure (recommended every 6 weeks) would involve tightening the many connections made using your own hair that were used to secure the system in place initially. As your hair continues to grow the volumizer may seem a little loose at the 6 week point as the connections of your own hair holding the system in place, have effectively grown away from the scalp. For a small fee we re-tighten every single connection throughout the whole system to help maintain the life and security of your replacement system.

Prices for our hair replacement services rely on the needs and requirements of each individual client which we assess and advise during a consultation.

We are happy to estimate a guide price if enquirers wish to send us an image of their hair, however these may not be accurate and we must carry out a face to face consultation to confirm an accurate cost. Please check our Consultations page for further details.

"After having Tricholomania for over 15 years, I went to have a chat with Vicky and she told me about all the different hair replacements she can provide. We went with a certain type to suit my hair loss problem. The confidence I now have is unbelieveable. I love my hair and feel great about my self. I owe a lot to Vicky and her staff who are great and make you feel great about yourself. All the staff were really friendly and make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Thank you very much for everything. Donna x"
Donna, Stockton on Tees, May 2009