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"Iím a 61 year old woman and I have gradually lost hair from the top of my head. As it thinned, I had begun to wear it up, scraped back without a fringe to give as much coverage to my scalp as I could. But the severity didnít suit and my self esteem and confidence reached an all time low.
With fine hair on the rest of my head, Iíd started looking for a solution that would clip to the top of my head and then blend with my own hair which I felt would be cooler than a full wig, especially as I get hot flushes.
Plenty of shops now sell hairpieces as fashion items but it can be humiliating to those of us with a real need for a hair service. I found the right product on the internet but I didnít want mail order because I wanted to see the quality, thickness and colour. Eventually I discovered a local shop specialising in hair solutions called Additional Lengths in Stockton.
I called at the shop and was immediately impressed with the amount of stock available. I wasnít made to feel uncomfortable when I described what I needed and an appointment was made for a consultation the following week. When I returned, I was introduced to Victoria, who specialises in hair replacement. I was taken to the rear of the shop where a discreet curtain was drawn around me to my relief, before Victoria came back with a selection of real hair pieces for me to try. I soon found one that was suitable and I was surprised at how it held really well, onto my own hair, which Iíd feared was too thin. Victoria ensured that it fit well and could be styled in the way I wanted, then a further appointment was made by which time, she would have the hair styled ready to be trimmed to my face and required length.
When I returned, Victoria professionally cut in a fringe and shaped the piece into my face before trimming the length. Once again the service was discreet and she then talked to me for some time about the causes of hair loss, ensuring that I understood my own particular problem. She then fully explained how my new hair piece was constructed and how best to care for it before presenting me with a goody bag with grooming brushes and suitable hair treatments.
Later that day, I picked up my grandson from school. I hadnít met his teacher before, so she asked him who I was before saying ďarenít you lucky to have such a good looking Grandma!Ē
A couple of weeks later, I received a follow-up call from Victoria to check that I was happy with my hair.
So, thanks to Victoria and her team, I can now hold my head up once again. Yours is truly a bespoke, much needed, thoughtful and good quality service for which Iím so grateful and will use again and again.
Best Wishes
Pat Cook
Pat Cook, Dec 2010
"I would like to thank you very much for the change in my life. After years of feeling terrible because of my very thin hair, I now have a full head of thick hair that everyone remarks on. Thank you again."
Veronica, Billingham, May 2010
"After many years of being self conscious about having thin hair, I came across the website hair Replacement Specialists. I made an appointment and have not looked back since.
I have much more confidence about my appearance and would highly recommend anyone who is concerned about their thin hair to have a consultation with Vicky, who makes you feel totally at ease. You will be amazed at the results."
Tracey, Middlesbrough, Feb 2010
"I have always had thin hair but since the birth of my son 5 years ago it has gradually got thinner and thinner. After spending a lot of money on expensive tablets that didnít work I saw an advert for Additional Length Hair Replacement Specialists. I rang straight away to arrange a consultation with Vicky. Vicky and her staff were very professional and I am delighted with my new hair piece it looks so natural. I didnít realise how much it had affected my confidence having thin hair but now I donít have to worry about people looking at me. I would like to say a big thank you to Vicky and her staff for making me feel good about myself again."
Sarah, Billingham, Oct 2009
"I've suffered hair loss for twenty years ever since my third child was born. My GP said my hair would recover but it never did. Then I saw a Dermatologist who confirmed it was hereditory alopecia. I went on to try wigs and other treatments but they were never successful. Going to the hairdressers became a mortifying and disappointing experience. Then I discovered Additional Lengths. I was desperate when I approached them and didnt really think they could help, but they were great. Vicky gave me lots of advice and at my initial fitting I cried when I saw the new me. I was due to start a new job and my new hair has given me so much confidence, I feel like the me I always wanted to be. Thank you Vicky, you are my fairy godmother !
Erica x"
Erica, Stockton on Tees, Oct 2009
"After years of hiding my hair and having no confidence I now feel fantastic "New Hair New Life". Thanks Vicky x"
Rachael, Stockton on Tees, Oct 2009
"I have had my hairpiece now from Additional Lengths Hair Replacement for a couple of months and I can honestly say that it is the best thing I have ever done and only wish I had done it years ago. It has given me so much confidence and made me feel years younger.
Instead of spending hours trying to do my hair each day, all I have to do now is brush it on a morning and its done, its great.

Just want to say a big thank you to Victoria & staff for making it possible.
Verena, Bishop Aukland, Oct 2009
"I can not thank Vicky enough for what she has done for me! After many years of having no confidence due to my hair, that has now changed. I feel like I have got my life back. Thank you so much ! x"
Karen, Hartlepool, Aug 2009
"Thank you so much. I'm extatic with my lovely new hair. I've regained the confidence I had before I started to lose my hair 25 years ago. You have made an old lady of 73 very happy. You have also made my family very happy as I no longer want to stay in the house and moan because I felt such a mess.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart x"
Ruby, Durham, Aug 2009
"After having thin hair for 15 years, I decided, even though I was nervous about it to try hair replacement. I need not have been nervous as Vicky made me feel at ease. I was so pleased with the results, it looks quite like a new hair cut, nobody would know. I recommend people with thinning hair to try this service."
Julia, Thornaby, Jul 2009
"Just a quick note to express my absolute delight with the hair piece I had fitted last week.
The result is so natural, and looks great! It surpassed all my expectations and I have quite a few compliments about my hair too .

I'm so please I chose Hair Replacement Specialists, as I think the customer service and advice given is excellent - You do a wonderful job !

Once again, with sincere thanks, from a very happy customer ! x"
Kirsten, Stockton on Tees, Jul 2009
"Even at the age of 82, one's appearance is very important and no woman feels well groomed if her hair lets her down.
When my mothers hair had been badly affected during a period of ill health, she felt dejected and anti-social. After a couple of visits to Additional Lengths, this situation was completely reversed.
The discreet hair piece made her look younger and gave her greater confidence.It was very easy to manage and completely realistic.
She has now returned to dancing 3 times a week and she is always out and about. If anyone has a similar problem, I would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending this solution.
Even though the thought of that first visit might be daunting the staff are highly skilled and supportive professionals and you will not feel out of place or embarrassed.

Don't waste anymore time, book an appointment today !"
Anon, Hartlepool, Jul 2009
"I have been a client of Vicky for some years now.She has advised on ways to make my hair look thicker,extention and clips I have had in the past,but this hair replacement is the best ever.I have not lost my hair,it has just become very thin with time,but thanks to Vicky I now have the hair I always wanted.It is so easy to look after,just as normal and every six weeks I go to the Salon for a maintainance check.

Thankyou so much Vicky,I dont have bad hair days anymore."
Ann, Stockton On Tees, Jun 2009
"After having Tricholomania for over 15 years, I went to have a chat with Vicky and she told me about all the different hair replacements she can provide. We went with a certain type to suit my hair loss problem. The confidence I now have is unbelieveable. I love my hair and feel great about my self. I owe a lot to Vicky and her staff who are great and make you feel great about yourself. All the staff were really friendly and make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Thank you very much for everything. Donna x"
Donna, Stockton on Tees, May 2009
"After having no hair for 14 years, I feel like a new person, I cant thank Vicky enough for what she has done for me. My confidence has gone through the roof. I love my new hair and although it has only been a few days I cant imagine life without my new hair."
Rita, Stockton on Tees, May 2009
"After having Alopecia for 20 years, since the age of 7, I have tried every different wig on the market, and didnt know what to expect from the Lace Wig fitted here. The Lace wig fits like a glove as it is made to measure, and when your wearing something all the time, comfort is very important. Also going from a fringe to a natural hairline is fantastic and it looks so real, and the hair is very good quality human hair, and the best quality wig I have ever had.
The staff are very professional and friendly and have a good knowledge and understanding of Alopecia and hair loss."
Jo, Norton, Apr 2009
"A small gift sent with the biggest thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the new me with your professionalism & creative talent.
Your an Angel. xx

(sent in a card with gift from a very satisfied customer)"
Sharon, Stockton on Tees, Apr 2009
"I'm really happy with the results after having fine, thin hair for years. Could'nt believe the difference when Victoria had finished my hair replacement. Friendly staff making you feel at ease. I would recommend this to anyone who has suffered a lack of confidence due to their hair."
Pam, Billingham, Apr 2009
"Went to the salon not knowing what to expect. Came out delighted. My hair has been transformed. Wonderful friendly staff who made me feel at ease."
Judith, Stockton on Tees, Apr 2009
"I have lived with alopecia since the age of 15. At 32, i discovered a replacement system to help sufferers like myself regain confidence, the only disadvantage to it was I had to travel to London every 6 weeks, but after 5 years, through a trip to the swimming baths , I passed Hair Replacement Specialists within Additional Lengths, who deal in Hair Replacement. On my first consultation with Vicky, she suprised me with alternitives which has turned out to be even better for me. My own hair is improving on every visit, which is amazing to see. It was the best trip to the baths ever, which has now left me with the hair I only dreamt of."
Debbie, Billingham, Apr 2009

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"After years of hiding my hair and having no confidence I now feel fantastic "New Hair New Life". Thanks Vicky x"
Rachael, Stockton on Tees, Oct 2009