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Alopecia Awareness
Friday, 2 October 2009

Alopecia Awareness is a great site for support with Alopecia and hair loss.

The site is supported by Michelle Chapman (sufferer of Alopecia related hair loss since the age of 5) a close friend of Gail Porter and Michelle is well known for appearing on TV, in magazines and on Radio, although Michelle is a celebrity in her own right. Michelle aims is to help people suffering from hairloss and Michelle now works as a wig specialist for a wig manufacturing company providing wigs for the NHS.

Victoria and Amy from the Hair Replacement team at Additional Lengths have had the great pleasure of meeting Michelle and has spent a few days in training with her with the aim of providing a professional caring service for NHS patients. Michelle shows outstanding enthusiasm and dedication to the caring services she provides.

If you would like information about Alopecia or you require information on support groups please visit the Alopecia Awareness site at

"After having Tricholomania for over 15 years, I went to have a chat with Vicky and she told me about all the different hair replacements she can provide. We went with a certain type to suit my hair loss problem. The confidence I now have is unbelieveable. I love my hair and feel great about my self. I owe a lot to Vicky and her staff who are great and make you feel great about yourself. All the staff were really friendly and make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Thank you very much for everything. Donna x"
Donna, Stockton on Tees, May 2009