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Here at the Hair Replacement Specialists our dedicated team are on hand to offer caring confidential advice and provide specialist services to hair loss sufferers.

We provide free no obligation consultations for our non-surgical hair replacement services, and clients can ensure that Hair Replacement consultations and treatments are carried out in a private, caring and friendly atmosphere.

The degree and type of hair loss will vary from each client and this will determine what type of system will benefit each client individually. This would be discussed in further detail during the consultation process.

We also provide 100% Human Hair extensions to non hair loss sufferers. Details of our human hair applications can be found in the Hair Extension section.

Please feel free to browse our website for information on hair loss and treatment services we offer. If their is any information you can not locate on our site, or you require other specific information, please do not hesitate to contact us, as our team are always here and happy to help in whatever way possible.

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"Iím a 61 year old woman and I have gradually lost hair from the top of my head. As it thinned, I had begun to wear it up, scraped back without a fringe to give as much coverage to my scalp as I could. But the severity didnít suit and my self esteem and confidence reached an all time low.
With fine hair on the rest of my head, Iíd started looking for a solution that would clip to the top of my head and then blend with my own hair which I felt would be cooler than a full wig, especially as I get hot flushes.
Plenty of shops now sell hairpieces as fashion items but it can be humiliating to those of us with a real need for a hair service. I found the right product on the internet but I didnít want mail order because I wanted to see the quality, thickness and colour. Eventually I discovered a local shop specialising in hair solutions called Additional Lengths in Stockton.
I called at the shop and was immediately impressed with the amount of stock available. I wasnít made to feel uncomfortable when I described what I needed and an appointment was made for a consultation the following week. When I returned, I was introduced to Victoria, who specialises in hair replacement. I was taken to the rear of the shop where a discreet curtain was drawn around me to my relief, before Victoria came back with a selection of real hair pieces for me to try. I soon found one that was suitable and I was surprised at how it held really well, onto my own hair, which Iíd feared was too thin. Victoria ensured that it fit well and could be styled in the way I wanted, then a further appointment was made by which time, she would have the hair styled ready to be trimmed to my face and required length.
When I returned, Victoria professionally cut in a fringe and shaped the piece into my face before trimming the length. Once again the service was discreet and she then talked to me for some time about the causes of hair loss, ensuring that I understood my own particular problem. She then fully explained how my new hair piece was constructed and how best to care for it before presenting me with a goody bag with grooming brushes and suitable hair treatments.
Later that day, I picked up my grandson from school. I hadnít met his teacher before, so she asked him who I was before saying ďarenít you lucky to have such a good looking Grandma!Ē
A couple of weeks later, I received a follow-up call from Victoria to check that I was happy with my hair.
So, thanks to Victoria and her team, I can now hold my head up once again. Yours is truly a bespoke, much needed, thoughtful and good quality service for which Iím so grateful and will use again and again.
Best Wishes
Pat Cook
Pat Cook, Dec 2010